Release Date: December, 2014

Release Date: December, 2014

@ Phraction Of Toronto (Visual Viewpoints): A photobook

I’m really pleased to announce that this book project that I’ve been playing around with for a while now has actually been made (took long enough). I’ve put together a limited-edition, 42 page (21front/back) softcover book containing 35 images and captions of select images of Toronto from my instagram feed and 5 never-before-seen/posted content! The book is 6x8 matte softcover, with 5 3/4” x 5 3/4” images, 260gsm heavyweight Matt, and 100% recycled stock with vellum lining on the front and back pages. To make things super legit and fancy schmancy, I will only be printing 100 of these and will be personally signing and numbering each one with a message saying that you’re cool for supporting me (unless you just want it blank which is fine too if you want to keep your coolness on the down low).

This is practically a labour of love so I’m pricing these at practically what I’m printing them at so I’ll be offering them for $40CDN/book (taxes included) plus shipping if I can’t get these to you personally. It’s kinda like a $1 a print with bonus words!

If you’re interested in seeing my images off the screen and in print-form with this Toronto keepsake, send me an email at (its an i just before the g) if you're local or try the new store on this website for you international peeps that I can't hand-deliver to. I can accept paypal, EMT, or the traditional ca$hola, ‘cause dolla billz yo. *first time figuring this all out so bear with me ‘cause this might take a bit of time :)

Also, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that have pushed me to get this project off the ground (and into a small stack on my floor instead) so it can literally be shined upon with the light of day. Now back to regular-scheduled programming.