My Henry's Spotlight Feature

I guess it's about time I update my blog and just in case you missed it while posting it up on my other social media channels, here's a video I did in collaboration with Henry's Cameras to feature yours truly and the Fujifilm gear I shoot with.

Check out the FULL 2MIN VIDEO on @HenrysCameras as well as the rest of the #HenrysSpotlight videos here:

Footage copyright Henry'sCameras/MiraStudios

"A Phraction Of A Second 002" Is Online!

Wow talk about being late to the announcement game. I released my Episode 002 of "A Phraction of a Second" a couple weeks back but if you haven't seen it yet. Check it out in the link below!

In the 2nd “Street Vlography” POV tutorial, we explore the technique of using a cheap kit lens for street photography and explore how much our gear matters in getting good results.

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DJ Quads - "Life In Stereo"
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"Critiques From The Cutting Room Floor"

Special thanks to @elmatic for helping me get the clips of me shooting -

Edited on: FCPX
Shot with: Fuji X70, XT2, GoPro Hero 5 Session, Samsung S7, DJI Osmo Mobile

The "Chilling" Things That Happened At Fuji's Big Event...

Got an invite to "Fuji's Big Event" at Airship37 where I got to play with all the cool new Fuji gear, meet new people, and Ice Cream!

Karl Edwards:

Marc -
Billy (The Fuji Guys) -

Demetre’s Ice Cream:

More interviews with Billy:
About The Big Event -
XP Shock/Water/Dustproof Camera -

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New Episode Of "A Phraction Of A Second" Is Now Online

In the 1st official “Street Vlography” POV tutorial, we explore the technique of incorporating transparent objects to give a unique look while shooting street photography.

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The Loyalist - "Amber"

Edited on: FCPX
Shot with: Fuji X70, XT2 GoPro Hero 5 Session